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Hair Care

Hair Butter

Hair Butter

This hair butter is full if nutrients to grow and moisturize your hair without leaving it heavy or greasy! Great as a detangler and a sealant!

Why is this product green?

We use natural ingredients including moringa and hemp oil which naturally turn the color green.

Will this leave my hair green?

No it will not. This product apply clear and leaves, no residue and smells amazing!

This product works on a variety  of hair types! Test it out, you will see how amazing it is!

Remember a little goes a long way woth this product!

Ingredients: shea butter, mango butter, olive oil, castor oil, avocado oil, safflower oil, almond oil, moringa, fenugreek, hemp oil, horsetail butter, essential oils

Ingredients: Shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, castor oil, olive oil, safflower oil, almond oil, hemp oil, fenugreek, moringa vitamin E oil, horsetail butter, essential oil blend, btms25, fragrance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
It’s hot!

It is so hot in Georgia that my hair was literally being burnt by the sun. It really dries my curls out and damages any of my hair that’s exposed. I use this as a daily moisturizer and my hair doesn’t feel dry like it did. Using this before going outside is really helping me restore my curls and give them much needed protection.

Linda Goff
Mixed Chick

I have a daughter who is half jamaican, and her hair becomes extremely hard to manage. But after using the hair butter that is no longer an issue. Her hair stays soft, full of curls and easy to brush. This product is godsend for all hair types but especially for the curls.

Love it!!!!

This green gem has my entire family in a chokehold! Wash, detangle, butter, then leave in…… AMAZING. I am constantly getting compliments on the way my hair smells and looks. My hair looks so loved and moisturized!!! I absolutely refuse to style my hair without it! I literally recommend this product to everybody!

Shea butter heaven

I have used raw Shea butter from my local hair store . This Shea butter is not just Shea butter it's an all in one plus more with all the additional oils that come in this product. This product is also great for any styling natural hair 👍,braids👍 also styling wigs👍 😍

Bria Copeland
Hair butter

This is my go to for my kids and ny clients (licensed Cosmetologist). It's even working wonders for my alopecia clients! Run and order! Don't walk!

How can we help change your life?

"I've had issues with my skin and scalp for the majority of my life. I've taken steroid medications several times and I've spent so much money on skin lotions and ointments just to only have my skin get worse over the years. Bbbutta lovee's ezcema and psorisas butter has been the only thing that has helped my skin heal from the harsh chemicals of over the counter skin lotions and perscription medication. I've never seen my skin look as healthy and amazing as it does today. I love bbbutta lovee and I will continue to use it on my skin. My eczema is gone and my skin is healed because it! Thank you bbutta lovee. You will 5 stars to me always and forever "

Roodolph F.

Our Favorite Combos

Our favorite combinations are lighting a cashmere candle to start and using the blueberry scrub, with the honey rasberry soap and ending our experience with the brown sugar and fig body butter. Complete relaxation and amazing complementary smells!!!

Send us your Favorite combinations for your best BBButta Lovee experience! Your combo may be featured on our site to give someone else an amazing experience!

  • "I like the use the wildflower soap and I actually like to combing the sugar scrubs together! I mix the blueberry with honey suckle and let me tell you it is amazing. The only reason I don't mention the butter is because I dont need it. After I use everything elso i dont need it!"

  • "I like to use the hair butta and the curl cream together for ultimate definition of my fro. On the other hand, I like to rub the cashmere butter on my lady. The body butter glides across the skin so easily its great for late night rub downs"

  • "I am defiantely bath bomb city over here! I love the spa bomb and I pair it with the honey raspberry soap and the honeysuckle sugar scrub and the cashmere body butter. Helps me sleep every night. Oh and I cant forget those soaking salts!"

  • "I really like showering with the honey raspberry soap and top it off with the suave body butter. I like that the butter makes my skin feel without being greasy. A plus is the fragrance is long lasting.

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