Welcome to Butta Lovee!

Welcome to Butta Lovee!

Welcome to Butta love. My name is Tiffany. I am a Home school mom of 3, Wife, servant of Jehovah and entrepreneur. I have been making my own products for myself and others for about 5 years now. I use to be OBBSESSED with bath and body works! I had shelves of their products and I began to realize I was no longer using their items outside of hand soap and candles because I began reacting to whatever was contained in their ingredients. 

After aaaalot of research and aaaalot of dry skin from eczema I took a trip down shea butter lane (lol). This is where I began my path to healing my skin and restoring the health of my body. 

On this blog I will not only give you great tips on shea butter and other natural care products, I will also be giving great recipes for quick meals, fun activities for families, lifestyle and organizational tips, and my personal experience in raising an autistic child. 

I am so glad you decided tp come along for the journey with me and hope you stick around. It's gonna be fun!


Tiffany B. 

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