Our Mission

Hello, my name is Tiffany. I am so glad you decided to visit my store. My ultimate goal is to give women and mothers the opportunity for self care and a mental break. As women we need to know that it is okay to take out time for "me". With everything we do on a daily basis we deserve a moment to treat ourselves to some TLC. Here I want to provide a relaxing experience. I am not offering products, I am offering the experience you get from using these products. Imagine for that moment given to yourself, receiving the ultimate rejuvenation you need to keep going! On another note, through my blogs, social media and products, I hope to educate others of the benefits and importance of using natural products on your body. Transparency is key to me, so feel free to comment on the blog or message me via email or social media. I love connecting with amazing people. Here I want to invite you to come along this journey with me to beautiful healthier skin and hair with real products, real ingredients and real love!

Remember life is betta with Butta!

 Tiffany B.