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All of our delightful cold processed shea butter soaps. Guaranteed to give you an experience of luxury while you cleanse! These beautifully crafted soaps are composed of over 50% shea butter and mango butter. Lavish in the luxury of these handmade soaps!

Softer, healthier skin is just a click away. These soaps are considered to be luxury soaps due to the high concentration of shea butter in them and they are made with all natural and organic ingredients. This soap will leave you fresh and moisturized without leaving that feeling of a film on your skin! Sensitive skin? We have you covered too! Here you have found a better way to clean without unnecessary preservatives or chemicals. This mild soap will softens and soothes skin, because it doesn’t strip away your body's natural nutrients and oils. This is your path to healthy skin,

Due to shea butter amount soap can reduce symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Safe for use on children


Wash, Rinse, Exfoliate

The perfect addition to your soap is a plush loofah to get all the suds going!

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I'm Glossy!!!!

The perfect mix of shimmer and shine. Our shea butter infused lip glosses will nurish your lips and leave you looking and feeling kissable! All with clear application, makes these the perfect match for any occasion.

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